Sonic Drilling Technology

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What is Sonic Drilling?

Sonic is an advanced form of drilling that uses high frequency resonance energy that is generated in the SONIC HEAD to drive a drill string/core cylinder into geological formations. During drilling the resonance energy with high frequencies is transmitted to the drilling surfaces via the drill string. By simultaneously rotating the drill string, energy and impact are evenly distributed over the drilling surface.

Why Sonic Drilling

This method of drilling brings with it many advantages

Speed and Efficiency:
Sonic is typically 2 to 3 times faster that conventional methods.
This assists in maintaining schedules

Drilling unconsolidated or mixed material:
Minimizes delays associated with subsurface conditions
Overcome obstructions with a single drilling system

Continuous core samples:
100% recovery obtained in any type of geologic formation with little to no fluids

High quality sampling :
The ability to drill through hard capping rocks such as silcretes, basalt flows or large boulders, and return excellent quality sample

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